Utilizing an iconic and fun promotional piece Shumsky increases employee participation in suggestion program.

A global leader of content-enabled workflow solutions came to Shumsky looking for a solution to improve employee participation in a companywide suggestion program. The client had a goal of increasing the participation in the suggestion program that included 5000 employees in over 30 locations world-wide. The solution needed to reward employees for their efforts and encourage employees who had not contributed to the program to make a suggestion.

To solve the client’s challenge of increasing participation in the companywide suggestion program, Shumsky developed a “Game Changers” promotional campaign. The “Game Changers” campaign awarded custom imprinted “Game Changers” boxing gloves to any employee who contributed a suggestion that resulted in $500 or more in company savings. The gloves were displayed at employee’s workstations and any employee who earned the gloves was entered in an additional prize drawing for sports memorabilia and trips to iconic sports venues at the end of the program. In addition, the boxing gloves displayed in employee’s workstations served as a fun reminder to other employees to participate in the employee suggestion program to earn their own gloves and get their name in the additional prize drawing.

Following the “Game Changer” promotion, the client experienced unprecedented employee participation in their suggestion program. The client’s expectations were exceeded, and the client increased their re-order size by 50% in the quarter following the launch of the promotion. The increased participation in the employee suggestion program led to an increase in company savings, as well as, improved employee morale.