Shumsky offers comprehensive services to build, launch and manage your online company store of branded apparel and gear.

From industry-leading eCommerce solutions and worldwide product sourcing to back-end warehousing, distribution, and reporting, Shumsky makes it easy to consolidate every aspect of your corporate program.

Continuous Innovation

Shumsky has stayed true to our core competency of using innovative solutions for the delivery of branded items with the intent of building relationships, communicating a message and influencing behavior. We have developed multiple company store options including our standard setup, custom layouts and pop-up store capabilities for events and short-term initiatives.

Customer Experience Design

Our eCommerce platforms combine retail best practices that everyday users have come to expect from online shopping with business-enhancing elements like e-procurement integration, best in class data security, real-time reporting and analysis tools, integrated fulfillment and inventory control. To date, Shumsky has provided a seamless online shopping experience for hundreds of thousands of shoppers.

Holistic eCommerce Solution

Shumsky uses a blend of proprietary technology, acquired resources, and industry-recognized platforms to seamlessly deliver customer service, order management, supplier relations, and reporting.

  • Control brand identity and compliance

  • Manage marketing and promotional products from one centralized location

  • Minimize waste

  • Manage spending and supplier cost

  • Benefit from collective buying power

  • Control inventory

  • Empower users with simple, automated 24/7 ordering processes

  • Save time with increased buying efficiency

  • Email marketing service

  • Site development and hosting

  • Warehousing and distribution