Kitting and Assembly

Whether it’s a one time event or an on-going promotion, our brand experts can develop a specialty kit for your next project. By strategically sourcing multiple products, our clients have seen impressive cost savings compared to ordering products individually in projects for:

  • New Hire Kits

  • Sales Meetings

  • Years of Service Programs

  • Award Events

  • Thank you/Welcome kits

  • DigiBytes Onboarding Kit
  • Engage Onboarding Kit
  • Bay City Onboarding Kit

Onboarding Kits

Are you leaving a memorable first impression on Day 1? Create Onboarding Kits or New Hire Kits to welcome new employees and drive stronger brand loyalty. We can incorporate your core values into the onboarding kit using promotional products or by inserting your existing welcome materials.

  • Journal with tip-in pages that describe the history of your company

  • Tech accessories to support their remote or in-office setup

  • Branded apparel that is only available to new hires

Managed on your behalf, we deliver an automated, consistent and cost-effective process for your employees no matter where they are located around the globe.

Scalable Global Distribution

Our Distribution Center team centrally located in Dayton, OH will assemble and store or ship your project to save you time and energy to market. With flexible staffing, we can scale up or down based on the season and volume of the project.

Ask about some of our new hire kits or thank you gifts for your next corporate event. The benefits include:

  • Pre-built and stored on-site

  • Custom packaging

  • Flexible fulfillment staff based on volume

  • Quick turnaround times