‘Rockstar’ themed promotional campaign exceeds lead generation expectations and promotes brand recognition

A leader in employee recognition and rewards came to Shumsky with the goal of exceeding their qualified leads from past years at their industry’s biggest tradeshow. The client was looking for a unique promotional campaign to create a buzz at the tradeshow that would drive tradeshow attendees to their booth and ultimately drive more sales. In addition to their main objectives the client was looking for a campaign that would give attendees an incentive to not only visit that booth at the show, but also an incentive to visit their website following the show.

In response to the client’s program objectives, Shumsky developed a high-energy promotional campaign incorporating trendy promotional items and unique special offers that drove brand awareness and delivered results. The promotional marketing campaign showcased a ‘Rockstar’ themed package of promotional items and incentives that inspired HR professionals to “Recognize their Rockstar Employees.” The “Recognize your Rockstars” campaign featured cleverly branded promotional items including guitar picks, drum sticks, ear buds, journal books, sunglasses, backstage passes/lanyards with an offer for 2 free music downloads, beach towels, and denim style messenger bags. In addition to ‘Rockstar’ themed promotional gear, Shumsky also managed a red carpet ‘Rockstar’ photo shoot with an Elton John look-a-like. Following the tradeshow, attendees were directed to visit the client’s website to retrieve their ‘Rockstar’ photo and like their Facebook page for a chance to win a ‘Rockstar’ gift pack.

The client’s expectations were exceeded by the ‘Rockstar’ promotional marketing campaign. Shumsky outperformed the client’s goal of qualified leads from the tradeshow by 30%, and the client’s promotional marketing campaign was featured on a popular blogger’s website. Additionally, the tradeshow promotion resulted in 40 companies signing up for the client’s services in a 2-month period following the show; and an 85 percent increase in website traffic in the week following the show.