Real Estate Management Firm utilizes technology based marketing solution to drive sales

A premier mall ownership, management, acquisition and development firm came to Shumsky looking for a creative way to drive potential clients into their available retail space. The mall development firm needed a marketing solution that could be delivered in person by their sales force as an intriguing leave behind piece, and be mailed to potential clients that the sales force was unable to reach in person. The marketing piece needed to show clients the available mall space and demonstrate the value of the space to respective clients.

Shumsky combined the innovation of their creative team with the technological expertise of their IT team to create a one-of-a-kind mailer and leave behind piece for their client. Shumsky developed an intricate web-key that directed potential tenants to customized virtual web tours of spaces that were ideal for their respective companies. The web-keys automatically updated with any website changes the client made, so they were able to ensure the clients were always viewing the most up-to-date information regarding potential spaces. These features and more including detailed demographic reports for target markets helped the web-keys deliver big value for the client while remaining small enough in size to fit into any computer’s USB port.

The web-key marketing solution provided by Shumsky gave their client an opportunity to have their sales force both in person and on the phone walk potential tenants through mall space that had been vacant for over 18 months prior. The web-key solution developed by Shumsky resulted in filling 13 retail locations in the quarter following the promotion, exceeding the client’s expectations. The web-key solution from Shumsky gave their client an innovative and educational way to get in front of their potential customers. The web-key enabled the client demonstrate the advantages of a particular mall space and close sales on a higher number of previously vacant spaces than any quarter prior.