Shumsky develops a custom promotional solution to show employee appreciation and encourage employee relaxation for pet food and supply distributor.

A global leader in Pet Food and Supply distribution came to Shumsky looking for an impressive “thank you gift” they could distribute to their team members who had recently finished a successful companywide sales project. The client was looking for a promotional item that would show team members their true appreciation of their hard-work and encourage them to take some time to relax during the upcoming summer.

Working with the client, Shumsky developed a promotional “thank you gift” for team members to enjoy with their families. The “thank you gift” was an Iced Tea Party Set for the whole family decorated with artwork from the sales project that had been customized to demonstrate that the sales objectives had been exceeded. The Iced Tea Party Set included 6 custom Tervis Tumblers and a custom Iced Tea Pitcher packaged in a box decorated in a relaxing summer scene that included a personal thank you letter from each team member. The Iced Tea Party Set was the perfect way to communicate the idea of summer relaxation to team members, and the thank you letter added a personal touch showing team members their efforts were sincerely appreciated.

The Iced Tea Party Set was successful at showing team members the appreciation of their team leaders. The promotional Iced Tea Party Set from Shumsky was effective at encouraging employees to take some time during the summer to relax after all of the hard-work and success earlier in the year. The success of the Iced Tea Party Set led to relaxed and rejuvenated team members, that were eager to take on new sales challenges ahead of them in the coming year.