A world-wide leader in data solutions worked with Shumsky to create a promotional item that would improve their incentive trip experience

The world’s largest focused analytic data solutions provider came to Shumsky looking for a solution to improve logistics for their top sales executive annual incentive trip. With the large number of sales executives who attend the incentive trip, seamless logistic are vital for success. Shumsky was challenged to create a marketing solution that would make the traveling process more expedient and hassle-free for the sales executives, ensuring an enjoyable experience.

In response to the client’s objectives, Shumsky developed a custom luggage strap for sales executives to quickly identify and collect their luggage. The custom luggage straps reduce the amount of time needed at baggage claims and hotel check-ins, allowing more time to enjoy the vacation destination. The unique and easily identifiable luggage straps enable airport and resort personnel to easily and quickly identify and sort luggage belonging to sales executives from the client’s group, limiting the amount of lost luggage and improving the trip experience for all sales executives.

The client’s goal of incorporating a promotional item to help improve the overall logistics of their annual sales executive incentive trip were achieved by the Shumsky marketing solution. Over 4,000 luggage straps are being used by sales executives traveling on the client’s 2013 incentive trip to an international destination. The marketing solution provided by Shumsky has already improved the logistical planning for the event, and the broad appeal of the piece makes its international implementation simple and cost-effective resulting in improved travel experiences.