Children’s show producer and retail store team up with Shumsky to drive increased ticket sales and in-store purchases


A leading independent children’s TV show producer and rights owner/retailer came to Shumsky looking for a marketing solution that would generate local stage show sales while driving retail sales. The clients were looking to capitalize on the goodwill created at the popular children’s stage show to increase future ticket sales and drive more sales traffic to retail locations within 50 miles of show locations. The complex marketing solution the clients were looking for required dynamic appeal that drew the attention of multiple age groups inspiring them to take action buying show tickets and making in-store purchases while creating brand loyalty with the show producer and retailer.


In response to the clients’ objectives, Shumsky developed an innovative marketing solution that utilized retail locations to promote the show while offering in-store incentives. Shumsky created a “Chat with Me” promotion that offered children the opportunity to have a special phone call with the shows leading character. The “Chat with Me” promotion encouraged show-goers to go to the retail store to redeem a special die-cut character card with their show ticket. The die-cut card featured a special 800 number that parents could call to setup a special chat with the shows main character. In addition the die-cut card came in a custom card carrier that featured a coupon that parents could use for in-store purchases.


The client’s expectations were exceeded by the “Chat with Me” promotion that Shumsky developed. Shumsky outperformed the client’s goal redemption rate of 3 percent by over 600 percent. The marketing campaign was such a success that the retailer and show promotion company extended the promotion for all additional show segments for the remainder of the year. In addition to the additional show segments, the retailer waived a well enforced policy of exempting in-store promotions at the retail level during the holiday selling season, to capitalize on unprecedented coupon redemption success.