Creative t-shirt packaging and messaging leads to increased tradeshow traffic and promotes cause awareness

A world-wide leader in third party logistics came to Shumsky looking for an original way to drive traffic to their tradeshow booth. The client wanted to demonstrate to their customers that they are an all-inclusive company that can handle projects from “seed in the ground” to “produce on the store shelf.” In addition to increasing foot traffic in their tradeshow booth the client had goals of helping attendees understand the wide breadth of their capabilities and utilizing the tradeshow platform to help promote breast cancer awareness.

Shumsky worked with the client to develop a cost-efficient item that could be given-away at the tradeshow to drive foot traffic while educating attendees about their capabilities and helping raise awareness for breast cancer. Shumsky created a uniquely packaged t-shirt that demonstrated their client’s message “from seed to store.” The t-shirt was packaged as a small watermelon with packaging that that read “from farm to family, and everything in between”, the unique packaging of the shirt created a buzz at the tradeshow inspiring attendees to find out what was in the package. Attendee curiosity led them to our client’s booth where they could receive the t-shirt after learning more about the client’s wide breadth of capabilities and services. Additionally, the t-shirt featured a clever phrase that promoted breast cancer awareness while educating attendees about the client’s offerings.

The “from farm to family and everything in between” tradeshow promotion fulfilled the client’s expectations of increased foot traffic in their tradeshow booth. The t-shirt demand at the trade show exceeded the client’s supply, and created a buzz around the client’s booth giving them an opportunity to share their message with more attendees. The highly demanded shirts promoted breast cancer awareness throughout the show while advertising the client’s brand.