New Hire Kits to Build your Culture (and Brand)

Shumsky new hire kit

Overwhelming, time-consuming, disorganized, unclear… Just a few words you might be using to define the on-boarding process at your company. We found ourselves in the same boat a couple of years ago and decided it was time for a change. Similar to our mission statement, we needed to design, develop, and deliver a new (seamless, organized, clear, and FUN) process to our new hires, including a new hire kit.

Shumsky’s Wellness Team transformed into our HY5 Culture Team. While many of the onboarding tasks required attention from Human Resources, the Marketing team attacked the (non-existent) new hire kit.

We implemented new hire kits, or branded “swag bags”, to include our 2016 promotional products catalog, a branded baseball tshirt, personalized license plate, fanny pack, candy, and custom journal book with a letter from our owner that explains the meaning behind our mission, vision, and core values. The most important component of the swag bag is the personalized license plate which hangs at each employee’s desk. For each year of service, employees receive a new sticker or tag and it helps the new hires learn names much more quickly since they are all hanging at each person’s workstation. Swag bags are waiting at the new employee’s desk on their first day.

So while we can talk all day about how much we love our culture here and the new swag bags, we thought you should hear directly from some of our recent new hires. Welcome to the team – we’re glad you’re here!

Christopher Boeckman

New Hire Shumsky“I saw opportunity in a solid organization with an exciting and innovative culture that embraces individuality and accepts you as you are (long hair, compulsive behavior, short quotes, and all).”

Tammy HallNew Hire

I have a background in analytics, previously working for a managed healthcare organization. What I find most attractive about Boost Technologies is that it’s a small, Dayton-grown business that does so much for so many brands, companies, and employees all over the country. I am very excited to work on the IT/e-commerce side of things, as making websites has always been a hobby of mine.

Looking for swag bag ideas or need to talk to our recognition and engagement experts? Let us know!