In-Stock PPE Supplies

Shumsky has sourced a number of custom branded PPE supplies through our trusted FDA registered supply chain to protect yourself and others. If you have a need for the following Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) items, please contact us using the form below.

  • Face masks

  • Face shields

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Goggles/Safety glasses

  • Anti-microbial items like pens and touch tools

Large quantities are available and product is sold branded. For blank, in-stock items, visit our online store.

PPE with your Brand

With Shumsky, you can provide custom branded personal protective supplies to support your staff in the workplace. From face coverings, anti-microbial supplies, and custom signage, we have everything you need to protect your staff AND promote your brand.

Hand Sanitizers


No Touch Tool

No Touch Tool

Lanyard Keeper

Lanyard Keeper for Mask

Cotton Masks

custom branded cloth masks


Anti-Microbial Pens


Office Signage

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Station


Hand Sanitizer Gel Packets

Complete the form below to kickstart a branded PPE project.

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