Brave Kid Capes Empower Children to Have Courage in Difficult Situations

Parents of a 4 year old child were faced with the dilemma of getting their child to stay still during a CAT scan.  The child was naturally scared of the intimidating situation and the parent was unsure about how to help their child realize that they had the courage and strength to overcome this difficult challenge.


In order to empower children with courage, Shumsky developed a product that would instill courage within children rather than a solution that simply rewarded children for good behavior.  Shumsky created Brave Kid Capes, a set of products that help kids understand that they can be real superheroes when facing difficult situations.  The Brave Kid Capes products include a cape for children to wear when they need their superhero courage and a unique metal kit filled with Brave Kid Capes activities for children to focus on helping them to feel relaxed and comfortable in stressful situations.


Brave Kid Capes was successful in helping parents empower their children with courage and helping children realize that they can be real-life superheroes. Throughout the country, kids facing a variety of difficult challenges have utilized Brave Kid Capes to help them cope. Brave Kid Capes are in 30 locations nationwide, and there appeal has broadened from the hospital market.  Brave Kid Capes are also being utilized to help kids feel more comfortable in grieving situations that are often faced at Hospice locations.  Brave Kid Capes are more than just a product; they are state of mind that helps kids overcome life’s most difficult obstacles.