Matty Toomb – VP, Sales & Marketing at Shumsky

Matty Toomb – VP, Sales at Shumsky

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Matty Toomb – VP, Sales at Shumsky

Matty Toomb - VP, Sales & Marketing at Shumsky

Bio: Matty Toomb

Years in the Industry: 25

Achievements: Youngest winner of four consecutive Golden Pyramid Awards.

Family: Married for 24 years to college sweetheart, Annie, and father of three: Joe Fenway (19), Shannon (16), and Kyle (13).

Goal: To deliver every order correctly and on time; to send my kids to college; and still have enough money to buy Annie a dress each month when I retire.

It’s Official! One of the industry’s most well-known names has joined Top 50 Promotional Agency, Shumsky. Matty Toomb began his career in the promotional marketing industry as a salesperson at Shumsky and now returns to the agency as Vice President of Sales.

Toomb is a respected industry veteran working for some of the best organizations in the industry. He spent the last seven years launching products and building brand awareness campaigns in the healthcare market but always maintained his connections to the industry. In fact, Toomb plans to implement strategies that blend industry best practices with new tools and processes.

A New York City native, Toomb graduated from the University of Dayton and has called Ohio home for his entire career. He has a proven track record as a fast starter and brings extraordinary passion and strong leadership skills.

Q. Why Shumsky

A. I wanted to join an organization that was looking to invest in all aspects of the business – technology, marketing, and staffing.

Q. Do you have your playbook ready to go?

A. The benefit of returning to this role is that I feel like I know what to do on day one. I look forward to working with the management team to develop enterprise wide, forward thinking growth initiatives that are anchored in the organization’s strategic plan.

Q. What is your approach to day-to-day sales as it relates to the promotional industry?

A. Every order and/or project must have three things: creativity, on-time delivery and fair pricing. Think about it. You cannot get the business without delivering on all three.

Q. How important is creativity?

A. It’s the most important thing to our clients and when I am in a management position I look to apply it to every aspect of the business. That means Supplier Relations, Marketing and Operations. Everything except the Accounting Department.

Q. Have you had good mentors in your career?

A. The mentoring I received at Shumsky at an early age helped me develop skills that I continue to use to this day. I have always had a strong work ethic but good mentors helped me channel that drive and motivation.

Q. Can you describe your coaching philosophy?

A. I ask people to provide me with their one, three, and five year plan. This way we can align their goals with the progression of the organization. I also like to lead by example and provide some direction giving people the opportunity to deliver creative solutions.

Q. Is there one word that describes your work?

A. Professionalism. Every communication, presentation or event is an opportunity for us to deliver our message and we must deliver it in a professional manner.

Q. What other aspects of your work habits are you proud of?

A. I like to build relationships with internal stakeholders to ensure alignment and have always taken great pride in having strong supplier relationships.

Q. Explain why your “famous” marketing calendar works so well.

A. It’s really a simple flow chart that is visible in a war-room setting. I like a team approach and it all comes down to execution. Thomas Edison once said, “A vision without execution is hallucination.”

Q. Your friends and colleagues speak of your passionate approach to everything you get involved in. Where does your energy come from?

A. I have never tried a cup of coffee but I seem to have a very good internal motor. I recently turned 48 but physically and mentally I feel 28.

Q. Is it true you once gave blood to obtain a single order?

A. Yes. One of my customers was having a blood drive in their parking lot and he asked me to donate blood in exchange for the business. We had a great relationship and it was for a good cause.

Q. Are you competitive?

A. Extremely. I played a lot of sports growing up. It does not matter if it is basketball in the driveway or board games at the kitchen table. I struggle with letting my kids beat me at anything.

Q. What formula do you base your selling habits?

A. We sell ideas, not items. We often forget that marketing is not a battle of products but a battle of perceptions. I try to remind myself at the end of the day we are judged not by having the best products but having the best people and the best solutions.

Q. Everyone wants to know. How did you grow up in New York City and become a Boston Red Sox fan?

A. Being a Red Sox fan in New York was not very popular but I was such a diehard we named our first son, Joe Fenway. I have to thank my wife for letting me name him after my favorite ballpark.



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“To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often” -Winston Churchill

“Be wary of the man who is all hat and no cattle.”

“Emotion is the absence of logic.”


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